Les Études adressage


Edenmap is involved in carrying out addressing studies prior to setting up an address system. These studies help to define the solutions best suited to the needs of each area. 

Institutional addressing studies

We help states and local authorities to find the best possible organisation for rolling out their addressing systems. We work with ministries and state or local bodies to identify the key players in the projects. Institutional studies determine the size of the human resources needed to roll out addresses across a given territory. We also update local or national address databases and management IT solutions. We are then involved in drafting the legislation governing the operationalisation of addressing. 


Technical studies of addresses

These studies consist of establishing the technical framework for implementing addressing. Firstly, we analyse the existing situation, which includes the topography, history and culture of the community or state. This analysis also includes a study of existing addressing systems. We draw up specifications such as street naming, building numbering, implementation of geocodes, positioning of address points, production and updating procedures. We can also carry out pilot projects.

ROI addressing studies

ROI (Return on Investment) studies involve identifying potential sources of revenue from future addressing. These studies also enable us to put a figure on the amounts involved. This income can be direct, in particular from taxes and duties, as well as from the sale of street numbers. It can also be indirect, with increased employment and improved services, for example. These studies also highlight the benefits of creating and updating addresses: improved emergency services, digital transformation of government departments, increased knowledge of the local area and improved citizen relations.

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