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Edenmap designs, develops and deploys standardised addressing systems and address management solutions throughout the world for governments, local authorities and organisations wishing to expand.

of people​

have no civil rights. One of the reasons for this is that they have no address (source: United Nations).

medium-sized towns​

are affected in Africa alone. Only the city centres of capital cities and major towns have been addressed (source: Groupe Huit).


are affected by address problems. Mostly in the South, but also in the Middle East and some European countries.


This is the average time taken for an ambulance to arrive at the site of an accident in Nairobi. The reason often given: difficulty in finding the address.

points de PIB

This is the annual economic impact of poor quality addresses for a country (source: MIT, referring to India).


“Without an address, you don’t officially exist” Dr. Joan Clos, Executive Director – UN Habitats.

State of addressing worldwide

The challenges of addressing

Optimising deliveries
Having an address base enables postal services, e-commerce and home deliveries to be developed.
Strengthening public services
Deploying public transport, connecting homes to networks, organising rubbish collection routes... these are all services that would be impossible to provide without addressing.
Deploying emergency services
Comprehensive addresses enable the emergency services to get to the scene of an incident much more quickly.
Organising logistics
Precise addresses make satellite navigation systems more reliable, optimise routes and ensure last-mile delivery.
Developing state and local resources
Qualified address databases give local authorities a better understanding of their territory and enable them to organise their tax services accordingly.
Improving urban planning and regional attractiveness
Consistent addressing enables land to be organised, land use to be managed, tourism to be developed and economic inclusion to be strengthened.
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Our strengths in standardised addressing systems


Compliance with standards (UPU, addressing standards). Our standardised addressing systems comply with international postal standards. They assign official addresses to each building, plot of land or front door.


Our solutions are available to cities, states and postal regulators on a subscription basis. This collaborative approach helps to reduce costs.


The solution takes into account the urban morphology of cities. It can be deployed in small towns and large cities, as well as in informal settlements.


We have digitised all the processes involved in creating an addressing repository. In this way, the solution can be deployed in just a few hours across a city.


We support cities and states from start to finish: technical and institutional feasibility studies, building address databases, deploying solutions and providing assistance with physical addressing.

Data sovereignty

The data produced is the full property of our customers and can be hosted by them at their request. 

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