The team of addressing experts

Stéphane De Goesbriand

President, co-founder

With a university education in geography and business administration, and more than 20 years of experience in the deployment of geographic information systems, Stéphane is an expert in digital mapping. He took part in the implementation of the first French large public navigation solution (on PDAs) in the early 2000s and has managed numerous projects for the production and integration of geographic data repositories (especially roads and networks) on an international scale. Stéphane oversees the company’s management and IT strategy.


Pedro De Oliveira

Managing Director, co-founder

Pedro is a Geographer and Urban Planner, specialized in land use planning and urban services management. For more than 12 years, he has been supporting cities in Southern countries in the development and implementation of urban development programs and the implementation of addressing and land management operations. His expertise in these fields is recognized by international institutions such as the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF) and the French Cooperation abroad. He is responsible for the commercial development of Edenmap.

Emeline Monzies

Geomatics Engineer

Émeline has an engineering degree from Polytech Lille. She worked as an apprentice in a major chartered surveyor’s office in the Paris region. She is involved in the entire Edenmap production chain. Her tasks include project management and customer support. She is also responsible for data production and analysis. Émeline ensures that geolocation data is reliable. She administers the company’s solutions platform. She also builds pre-sales prototypes.

Julien Laroche


Julien studied computer development for the gaming industry, and is involved in the development of Edenmap’s 3D applications. In particular, on the Augmented Reality applications (Phaar © and Balliz ©). These applications display address data, plot numbers and other technical data in AR.

Mathias Nocet


Mathias trained in IT development. He is currently studying at the ITM Atlantique engineering school on a sandwich course. His role is to manage the maintenance and development of mobile applications. He also works on Research and Development activities, particularly in the field of mobility.

Émilie Vincent


Émilie has a Master’s degree from the ESAM business school. She is currently based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Her main responsibility is to promote Edenmap’s commercial development on the African continent.

Florine Bourrigaud

Communications Officer

Florine is a communications student on a sandwich course. She is in charge of the company’s communications and events management. She is also in charge of print and digital, and runs all Edenmap’s press campaigns.

Our history

2017 is the origin of the Edenmap project (originally named Air-Nest) through the meeting of the two founders during a World Bank-funded addressing project for three secondary towns in the Nairobi metropolitan area (Kiambu, Machakos and Thika).
That year, a first prototype was developed and presented to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which invited us to demonstrate it at the Pan African Postal Union Congress in Arusha (Tanzania), with a very positive feedback from the present postal regulators.
Creation of the Edenmap company in November 2019 with the support of the founders' former respective companies, Naomis and Groupe Huit, subsidiaries of the Keran Group (, whose managers are part on the Edenmap board. Integration into the Village by CA & Atlanpole incubators.
Development of V1 of the solution, and signing of the first contracts for consulting and technical assistance services in France and Africa, and deployment of the first components of our addressing solutions for sub-Saharan cities Incubation by the European Space Agency (ESA BIC Nord France).
Continuation of R&D on addressing products and development of interconnected digital solutions covering the entire address production and appropriation chain. First full deployments of our solutions!
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