Implementation of an addressing application for the Togo Post Office
Design, development, and implementation of an application for the operation of a geolocation-based digital addressing system in Togo.
Optimization of addressing in French Guyana
Study of existing address databases in French Guyana, proposals for improving flows and organization of an awareness seminar.
Addressing the Grand Lomé District
Study and project management assistance for the updating and extension of addressing in the territory of the Autonomous District of Grand Lomé.
Support to 5 African cities in their digital transformation
Support to the cities of Bamako, Nouakchott, Kumasi, Seme-Podji and Matola in the areas of digitalization and tax collection, land management and addressing.
Addressing informal settlements in French Guyana
Development of an automated addressing system based on satellite imagery in order to provide standardized addresses to the populations of informal settlements.
Support to the training of Posts in the Middle East and Asia
Facilitation of 'Standardization and Digital Addressing' training in seminars organized by the International Management of La Poste Group (Vietnam Post, Afghan Post, Asian-Pacific Postal College).
Diagnosis and prefiguration of a reliable addressing system in Guadeloupe
Feasibility study and diagnosis of existing address databases in Guadeloupe. Implementation of a system to qualify the reliability of an address point.
Diagnosis of addressing in the CACEM area
Feasibility study and diagnosis of existing address databases at the Communauté d'Agglomérations du Centre de la Martinique (CACEM). Implementation of a system to qualify the reliability of an address point.
CARL addressing plan
Assistance in drawing up a metric digital addressing plan for the territory of the Communauté d'Agglomérations de la Riviera du Levant (CARL) using a Geographic Information System.
Bringing SICTIAM's addressing up to standard
Inventory of the road network, upgrading of addressing and supply of signage for SICTIAM's needs.
Diagnostic Addressing Le François
Carrying out a diagnostic study with a view to drawing up an addressing plan and providing project management assistance for the town of Le François in Martinique.
Creation of postcodes in Zambia
Provision of consultancy services for the development of a national postcode system for the whole of Zambia.
Creating postal addresses in Mauritania
Carrying out a study to create a physical addressing framework, develop a shared geospatial data infrastructure, formulate a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) strategy and map and assign addresses
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