Offers and solutions

Edenmap is involved in the entire addressing value chain, from feasibility studies to physical signage and the deployment of address production and management solutions. 

Addressing solutions for the entire address value chain

Edenmap has positioned itself as a key player in the field of addressing. By offering a complete range of services, Edenmap covers the entire addressing value chain. In fact, its services range from initial design to practical implementation in the field. Through its innovative software suite, Edenmap supports local authorities and government bodies in managing their addressing systems.

Before any deployment, Edenmap carries out an in-depth analysis of the specific needs of each project. This analysis takes into account geographical, regulatory and logistical constraints. This preliminary phase also helps to define the scope of the project. Edenmap identifies the solutions best suited to each context.

Once feasibility has been confirmed, Edenmap takes charge of the entire process. From design to implementation in the field. The solutions offered by Edenmap encompass the virtual dimension of cartography and database management.  The start-up is also involved in the physical dimension of addressing. This includes signage.

Edenmap’s technology also provides address production and management tools. These solutions enable users to manage addressing data efficiently. They also generate customised reports. Its software enables the progress of projects to be monitored in real time.

The global approach ensures consistency and compliance throughout the process. From initial planning to long-term maintenance. By working closely with its customers, Edenmap is committed to providing tailor-made solutions. The company responds precisely to their specific needs and contributes to the overall improvement of their addressing systems.

Edenmap also stands out for its ability to intervene across the entire addressing value chain. It offers comprehensive expertise and personalised support at every stage of the process. Thanks to its innovative vision, Edenmap is the partner of choice for all addressing projects, large or small.

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