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Recycled plastic street signs

The idea of a project to recycle and reuse plastic to make street signs was born in southern countries. Demand from our customers was high, because the countries were lacking physical addressing solutions. Our solution also responds to a lack of recycling of waste from collection and sorting, and the availability of resources. These street signs are in line with our values: the desire to enter into an eco-circularity strategy is in line with our strategy of setting up a complete postal addressing cycle that encourages waste recycling, short circuits and the development of local employment.

In France, the legislation is favourable. There are no standards for street signs. In addition, the 3DS law of 2022 requires local authorities to finalise their addressing plans and therefore to use new physical plates. Edenmap offers its street signs and door numbers in recycled plastic thanks to industrial partners located in the Vendée, at prices equivalent to those on the market, but with a high environmental and social value.

Our street signs and door numbers comply with industry standards for strength and durability.

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