Addressing partners

Edenmap works with quality addressing partners

Edenmap believes in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships. This enables us to offer cutting-edge addressing solutions to our customers around the world. Thanks to its network of partners, Edenmap is able to push back the frontiers of innovation. In this way, Edenmap meets the needs of citizens in an efficient and sustainable way.

UP40 – The index of French start-ups in Africa

Edenmap is part of the dynamic ecosystem of the UP40, the Index of French Startups in Africa, run by MEDEF International. This initiative enables Edenmap to work with key players in the business world to promote entrepreneurship. In this way, the company is contributing to economic development in Africa. By working together, Edenmap is helping to create a positive impact and open up new opportunities on the continent.

ESA European Space Agency Incubator

The collaboration with the European Space Agency’s ESA Incubator enables Edenmap to explore the synergies between space technology and its expertise in addressing solutions. This alliance enables Edenmap to innovate in its field.


As a member of Atlanpole, the competitiveness cluster for the Pays de la Loire region, Edenmap is immersed in a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. This collaboration provides opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and access to valuable resources that strengthen its market position and stimulate its growth.

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Referenced by the French National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT)

As a company committed to improving territorial cohesion, Edenmap is listed by the Agence Nationale de la Cohésion des Territoires (ANCT) as a partner of the Base Adresse Locale charter. This partnership underlines Edenmap’s commitment to contributing to regional development in France and its overseas regions. Through its collaboration with ANCT, Edenmap is working to implement effective addressing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each region.

Addressing partners for compliance with the Local Address Base (LAB) format in mainland France and the French overseas departments and territories (DROM)

Edenmap attaches great importance to compliance with addressing norms and standards. This is why it adheres strictly to the BAL (Base d’Adresses Locales) format for all its operations in mainland France and the French Overseas Departments and Regions (DROM). This approach guarantees the uniformity and consistency of addresses, making it easier for users to locate and navigate. Edenmap also assists local authorities with the transfer of addressing data to the National Address Base (BAN).

Winning company France Relance

Edenmap has been selected by the French government as part of the “Space Tour 2021 – Space applications: a springboard for the economy and society” call for projects launched as part of the space recovery plan. The company is actively contributing to the country’s economic recovery by offering cutting-edge addressing solutions and creating sustainable jobs.

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